Clean R

Clean R is an industry leader in Latvia, with more than 75 years of experience.

The Clean R group consists of 6 companies delivering more than 40 different environmental services to 50,000 clients around Latvia in such fields as waste management, property maintenance, cleaning and improvement of indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as cleaning of roads and public access areas.

About us


Art of caring

While pursuing quality relationships with our clients, partners, employees, and the public, we also care for the environment. We implement environmental initiatives to make a positive contribution to our society, our industry, and our country.


Latvian company

270 000


of trash sorted annually

51,7 mil


annual turnover



provided to our clients

50 000+


happy clients around Latvia

The Clean R group’s business lines

Clean R

Municipal waste management

By consistently pursuing sustainability and innovation, we achieve a circular economy by turning waste into raw materials.

  • Municipal waste management in Riga and municipalities around Latvia.
  • Vides resursu centrs in Getliņi, the largest municipal waste sorting center in the Baltics.
  • Waste recycling (in conjunction with the Schwenk cement plant in Latvia and our partners in Europe).

In 2021, we sorted 270,000 tonnes of municipal waste using automated equipment.

Handed over for recycling:

188 thousand


of biomass

5.6 thousand


of metal

10.9 thousand


of refuse-derived fuel or RDF

14 housands


of other materials: plastics, metal

Clean R

Management of separately collected waste

We are Latvia’s largest separately collected waste management company managing dry paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging, as well as textile and biodegradable waste. We accept household electrical appliances and hazardous waste.

  • A convenient collection system for separately collected packaging
  • 2 modern sorting centers for separately collected packaging
  • 26,000 tonnes of collected packaging separated and sorted annually
  • 12,000 tonnes of sorted material sent for further recycling annually
  • 95% of the sorted material exported to the EU, USA, Asia, and other markets for further recycling
Clean R

Construction waste management

At Nomales, our cutting-edge industrial waste separation and recycling center, we sort and recycle construction waste in line with the principles of the circular economy and rigid environmental requirements.



Demolition and engineering design


Installation of large-size containers


Removal of construction waste from site


Sorting and recycling of construction waste


Selling of recycled materials

Clean R is a role model for developing standards for sorting and recycling construction waste in the region.

Clean R

Indoor cleaning

In September 2021, Clean R created Vizii, a subsidiary company specializing in indoor cleaning, which since 2005 had been one of the Clean R’s business lines.

Vizii is one of the leading indoor cleaning services providers in Latvia offering innovative cleaning solutions (using robotic technologies, nanotechnologies, modern equipment, etc.) for offices, shopping centers, and industrial areas. Our 750 employees work at more than 500 sites in Riga and Latvia.

Clean R

Road and outdoor space maintenance

We have been providing street, road, public and private outdoor space maintenance services in Riga, Jurmala, Liepaja,Tukums, and elsewhere in Latvia for nearly 20 years.

In 2021, to expand its range of services, TAK investīcijas, the parent company of Clean R, acquired 50% of the shares of the road construction company SIA Roadeks, enabling the Clean R group to increase its capacity in routine road maintenance and boost its capacity in the road construction sector.



Routine maintenance of streets, sidewalks, public and private outdoor spaces


Maintenance and improvement of outdoor spaces surrounding properties


Maintenance of urban spaces: parks, gardens, and beaches




Cleaning and maintenance of streets and roads in winter


Cleaning up after large public events or construction

Clean R group companies

  • Municipal waste management

  • Sorting of recyclable materials

  • Construction waste management

  • Road and outdoor space maintenance

  • Indoor cleaning

  • Property management

  • Outdoor space maintenance

  • Municipal waste sorting plant

  • RDF (refuse-derived fuel) production

  • Packaging waste management system (producer responsibility system)

  • Sludge management

  • Organic fertilizer production

  • Municipal waste management

Plastics recycling plant

By investing €4.8 million in the construction of a plastic recycling plant, Clean R will be able to ensure full plastic waste recycling process from 2022 onwards: from the collection of plastic packaging from residents and businesses to sorting and recycling it into HDPE flakes and HDPE, PP, LDPE pellets. HDPE flakes and pellets, as well as LDPE pellets.

Plant processing capacity and produced materials


operating mode

8 800


of plastic packing recycled every year

8 700


of final products made per year

Average daily output


of final products are exported

Raw material



(low-density polyethylene): transparent and coloured film



(high-density polyethylene): all types of cans, drums, waste containers



(polypropylene): big-bag and other types of PP materials

Sustainability and manufacturer’s responsibility

Eko Rija operates a packaging waste management system (WMS) that ensures client compliance with the applicable laws and regulations and 100% exemption from the natural resource tax.

Eko Rija offers professional solutions for packaging waste management, as well as assistance in providing a separate waste collection service for businesses.

In cooperation with Clean R, Eko Rija educates the public on the topics of environmental sustainability, waste reduction, and waste sorting.

In 2021, its sustainability campaigns reached an audience of 1.4 million through various educational and information activities.

Clean R

Clean R is a green deal leader

Our goal is to become the greenest company in Latvia and to inspire other Latvian businesses to pursue the objectives of the European Green Deal.



Our quality, environmental, occupational safety, and energy management systems comply with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 50001:2018 international standards, as attested to by the certificates awarded by Bureau Veritas Latvia.

We continuously improve all our management systems to ensure sustainable and efficient operations.



ISO 9001:2015 certificate



ISO 14001:2015 certificate


Occupational safety

ISO 45001:2018 certificate


Energy management

ISO 50001:2018 certificate


Sustainability Index

Platinum category



- by contributing to education and science

Cooperation with scientists and schools. Circular economy training for future specialists.


To make climate neutrality a reality


- by educating the public

Attractive and awareness-raising approach to teaching people about waste reduction and sorting.


- by being a green leader

Continuous pursuit of environment-friendly solutions.


- by involvement and supporting our partners

Engaging our partners and supporting other activities to achieve climate neutrality.


To put the relationship between the people and the environment right


Clean-tech company

We use resources and energy efficiently. With clean technologies, we get resources back into circulation as much as possible.


A model for environmental, social and governance affairs

Through our ESG approach, we improve corporate governance, creating a responsible, trustworthy and transparent workplace, and caring for the environment in every area of our business.


Intuitive solutions for a more comfortable everyday life

We create intuitive solutions to make our services easier to use without introducing radical changes to our clients' everyday lives.


Sustainable societal change

Moving towards a climate-neutral world. We get involved and create initiatives that change people's habits.

Management team

Clean R

Valerijs Stankevičs

Executive director

Clean R group membership in professional associations

European Waste Management Association


Waste Management Association of Latvia

Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies

Employers' Confederation of Latvia

Professional Cleaning and Facility Management Association of Latvia

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Partnership of Latvian Building Contractors

Latvian Association for People Management

GS1 Latvia

Business Efficiency Association